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ZT-610 contents 6 self adhesive tube patches without messy glue, one self adhesive tire boot and a sand paper in a little carry box.



Size 53mmX42mmX8mm
Weight 7 g / kit
Package 48 kits / Box
    Step by Step    
If you are in this situation,
just step by step as follows.
Step 1
Remove the tire.
Step 2
Scrub tube lightly with sand paper.
Step 3
Peel backing from patch.
Step 4
Place on tube over hole.
Step 5
Press patch on tube firmly for one minute.
Step 6
Find out the hole of inside of tire.
Step 7
Remove the clear film.
Step 8
Place on inside of tire over hole.
Step 9
Replace tire as soon as possible.
Step 10
Inflate air.
Step 11