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The ZT-711 Tool pack contents a ZT-703 Supernova pump, one kit of ZT-610 Patch kit, 11 in 1 Folding tool, tube 700c x 23, brass adaptor, QR10 for 10 SPD and three tire levers, so it is very convenient to carry on while biking.
ZT-703 Supernova pump
1 piece
ZT-610 Patch kit
1 kit
11 in1 Folding tool
1 piece
Tire lever
3 piece
Tube 700C X 23
1 piece
Brass adaptor
1 piece
QR10 for 10 SPD
1 set
Size of bag 170mmX120mmX90mm
Weight 490g

Polyester 1200D+600D square w/3M